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Courier Service

With the Universal Drops courier service, you enjoy complete privacy and protection of your precious items. Everything is loaded in an efficient manner, as per your specifications. Our staff works closely with you to pick out the perfect choice for delivery. Once that is done, our dedicated agents explain each step of the shipment process to ensure seamless same day door to door delivery of your items.

With concerns about safety, we ensure that your goods wrapped safely by the shipper before arrival to the courier. The item is put in a backpack, suitcase, or box based on the specifics of the shipment. Boxes/envelopes are fully sealed and taped tightly. Items that are entering the air cargo hold follow airline guidelines to avoid any delay in the delivery time. The courier is responsible for fully checking the package and notifying the customer in case of any misconduct.

Universal Drops, unlike traditional courier service providers, protects its customer’s rights by handling their shipments with great care and dedication.

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We are proud to be working with several of the UK’s Trusted Companies.

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